What is photovoltaic?

New eco technologies create new opportunities to use natural resources in everyday life. Photovoltaics is an innovative, economical and ecological method of generating electricity by means of solar radiation using the photovoltaic phenomenon – the creation of an electromotive force that will cover up to 100% of the electricity demand of a household or company.


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The photovoltaic panels are silent. Additional devices produce noise similar to a human whisper. This way they do not disturb or threaten the environment around them. The construction of farms fits perfectly into the trend of obtaining renewable energy directly from nature.


Professionally designed and built installations are basically failure-free. Components that have a few dozen years of warranty make up a functioning, virtually failure-free photovoltaic farm. Thanks to this, we can easily use energy with little effort.


From the moment the installation is commissioned, you start saving and reaping benefits. The energy generated from solar radiation quickly reaches the customers and ensures a quick return on investment.


Construction of a photovoltaic farm

In order to build a photovoltaic farm, it is necessary to meet the relevant conditions and obtain licences and permits. FARMY FOTOWOLTAIKI S.A. will process the projects on behalf of the investors both in terms of lease or purchase of land, cooperation with the distribution system operator (DSO) and administrative cooperation.

Construction conditions

Documents obtained

  • Environmental Decision
  • Conditions of construction
  • Conditions for Connection
  • Connection contract
  • Building permit
  • Winning the URE auction
  • Electricity generation concession
  • Agreement for sale, balancing and distribution of electricity

The photovoltaic installation will be made up of

  • Photovoltaic panels – high power monocrystalline panels over 450 Wp
  • Container transformer station – a transformer station with a transformer up to 1000 kVA, compliant with OSD conditions. The station is adapted to work with the medium voltage network and is used to integrate the photovoltaic farm with the transmission lines of the operator.
  • Supporting structures – free-standing structures piled to the ground, made of steel with appropriate coatings extending the life of the structure. The assembly will be based on two-packed structures, which increase the stability and life of the system.
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